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Operations Volunteer

New Orleans, LA, USA

About the Role

The Operations Volunteer will perform a variety of tasks to support Brown Girls Swim Learn to Swim Programming. This will include welcoming and greeting families, managing swimmer attendance, directing swimmers and families to locker rooms, waiting area, and pool deck. Operations volunteer will complete other task as assigned by the Lead Instructor. This position supports with all non-water related task during swimming lessons.


· Must present a professional appearance and a friendly manner

· Must be dependable and punctual

· Be courteous and personable when dealing with the public

· Be self-directed, willing to take initiative, and detail-oriented

About the Company

Brown Girls Swim is a black owned and operated organization that was founded in April 2021. Brown Girls Swim is committed to eliminating barriers that contribute to the minority gap in swimming today. Brown Girls Swim is is committed to changing the narrative and statistics surrounding people of color as it relates to swimming. Brown Girls Swim is an essential program needed in the New Orleans Community with a proven record of increasing community participation in swimming and creating a sense of community and space for people of color in aquatics where we are significantly underrepresented!

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