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Mommy / Daddy & Me

Interested in getting your little one exposed to the aquatics. Come join our Mommy/Daddy and me class and engage with other parents and littles as we sing nursey rhymes that will get your little one to love the water. The class is for swimmers 6months to 2 years old (an adult must be in the water).


Ready to make a splash, dive below for class times and dates! 

"Swimming helps your baby's development" - Huggies

Did you know that being in the water allows your baby to move, roll and kick independently before they can even crawl or walk? Swimming strengthens their heart and lungs as well as their arm, leg, and neck muscles. It’s like a full work out – for them and for you in most cases!’

What have parents said about infant swim lessons?

They are all now good confident swimmers, with a real love of swimming pools especially on holiday when I can’t get them out of the pool. It’s reassuring (especially when you have three kids and only one pair of arms!) that they can get to the side and be as safe as they can be in water. - Huggies parent

What We Offer

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