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Frequently asked questions

Where are swim lessons held?

We host our Group Swimming lessons at the Dryades YMCA located on 2220 Oretha Castle Haley Blvd New Orleans , LA 70113. For private lessons we travel to the client's personal pool.

What is the youngest age you teach?

For our group lessons at the Dryades YMCA we provide lessons to swimmers ages 5 & Up! For private lessons at our clients personal pool we provide lessons to swimmers 3 & Up.

How much are swim lessons?

Group Swimming Lessons are $25 per swimmer, private swimming lessons are $30 per swimmer.

Do you offer classes to Adults?

Yes, we offer Adult only classes for swimmers ages 18 & Up!

I have a son, can I enroll him in this swimming program?

Yes, while our program is targeted for girls we do accept male swimmers.

What are the class size for group lessons?

Our group classes are approx 10 swimmers per session with an instructor to swimmer ratio of 1:5.

How long will it take to learn to swim?

Every swimmer is different! Some swimmers will find swimming to ne a natural process while others will find the deep waters scary. Learning how to swim is both technical and mental the sooner a swimmer is able to overcome their fear of water the sooner they will be able to master swimming.