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Adult Learn to Swim Program

Brown Girls Swim is excited to continue offering our exclusive adult swim lesson program. In this program adults 18 and over get to enjoy a safe an intimate space to take the plunge and learn how to swim. Our classes provide a nurturing environment for all swimmers to overcome their deepest fear of water and become confident and proficient swimmers.

Treading water

Treading water is a technique that allows a swimmer to stay afloat in deep water while keeping their head above the water. It uses the limbs to continuously move while staying in a vertical position, which helps the swimmer conserve energy. Treading water can be useful in situations such as assessing surroundings, looking for other survivors, activating flotation devices, and calling for rescue.

At Brown Girls Swim we focus on teaching this technique to all swimmers to build their confidence as this is the most requested skill.

Check out this video of one of our swimmers taking the plunge an staying afloat treading solo! 

Aquatic Independence

Our Adult learn to swim program focuses on teaching swimmers how to be independent in the water while maintaining confidence!

Check out this video of one of our swimmers!

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